Make-up artist and hair stylist, graduated in Milan in special make-up at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, in photographic make-up at BCM and she specialized in bridal hair styling at BSI, the academy founded by Diego Dalla Palma.

Her skills and her proposal are supported by her artistic high school diploma and specializations as a beautician and nail artist; she welcomes you to her studio in Cantù (Como) for a final result “total look” with attention to the smallest details.

Sara De Capitani was born with an undeniable passion for art. But what is art?

She attended the artistic high school Medardo Rosso in Lecco where she came into contact with the world of drawing and sculpture and where she started to think about the real meaning of the word art. Together with the passion for the school artistic subjects, she fell in love with make-up in all its aspects: from beauty make-up to special effects. For her high school final exam she wrote a special essay about body art in which she says: “I decided to focus on body art because it is very fascinating; I am attracted by the idea of expressing something truly personal and deep  through the body and nothing else. Thanks to this precious gift people can show who they are and their essence. The body is the link to the world, is what people see before any other thing. A facial expression, a movement or an attitude can communicate more than it is possible to imagine. In addition, whit their performances, body artists are able to transform the body with innovative modification techniques which help human beings to talk about themselves in an increasingly subjective and complete manner.
After getting her high school diploma in 2012, she decided to attend a training course about special make-up at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala of Milan. She was attracted by the idea of metamorphosis and  transformation of the body through which people are able to express their own art. In the Accademia, she started to understand with greater awareness the essential meaning of the word art. According to Sara, art is any form of expression that provokes emotions and still today she believes that her favourite art form is make-up. In the Accademia she studied different subjects including cosmetology and history of costume and all the techniques aimed at creating special effects (from the most basic to the most complex ones) and other make-up techniques (from beauty make-up to theatrical make-up). She obtained the certificate in 2013 and from that moment onwards she has been collecting several professional experiences in the field of make-up and special make-up, increasing her artistic practical skills.
To strengthen her knowledge, she enrolled in a course about photographic make-up at BCM school of Milan where she studied corrective make-up, photographic make-up, artistic hair style, photography and drawing. By studying and working at the same time, she completed the course with flying colours in 2015.
She is always updated about new trends because she firmly believes that facing innovation in a proactive way is fundamental in her job. However, according to her, it possible to experience new things only with the knowledge of the basic rules. For this reason, she specializes in bridal hair styling at BSI, founded by Diego Dalla Palma, as she has been taking care or the beauty of brides in the splendid setting of Lake Como for many years now. Aesthetic and nail technician training, on the other hand, are useful in the various backstage for an impeccable final result, they accompany brides in their wedding splendor, and those who perceive the magic of every day, as if it were a great event.

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