Weddings and special occasions

Sara De Capitani offers makeup and hairstyling services for your wedding day or any other special occasion. As for the bride’s make-up on her wedding day, it should undoubtedly be a corrective, long-lasting and water-resistant make-up that can enhance her and reflect her personality. Considering the fact that the real bride is photographed a lot, the make-up should also take into account the rules of photographic make-up, also paying close attention to the chosen dress, accessories and any details. A key moment is the rehearsal, to evaluate the various aspects. Between the bride and the makeup artist, a very intimate relationship of trust is created; Sara loves to listen to the bride’s fears and emotions, recommend good solutions based on her expertise and experience, and share the heartbeats. The makeup can be matched with the most suitable hairstyle, thus being able to sift through multiple combinations at the rehearsal stage to arrive at the desired choice together and better prepare for a memorable day.