Sara De Capitani specializes in make-up and in the role of make-up artist performs and realizes:

  • Extemporaneous special effects (cuts, wounds, bruises, aging, etc.) that are then made directly on the set with the use of specific materials (plasticine, gelatin, skin time, collodion, etc.)
  • laboratory special effects, which involve preparation prior to on-set application, resulting from design, production, and application of complete or partial prostheses made of foam cans, silicone, etc.
  • make-up caps;
  • dentures.
In addition, Sara is able to apply wigs, frizzes and hairpieces. Through a variety of special effects techniques, the actor must be able to literally empathize with the character to be played: facial and/or physical resemblance will allow him or her a better portrayal. You can also request work on body painting, through which Sara paints bodies as if they were canvases.