theatrical, tv and film make-up
Sara De Capitani is also an expert of scenic make-up. Theatrical make-up needs stronger traits and colours to enable the audience to catch all the details. To obtain a good result the make-up artist has to design the characters and emphasize the physical traits that express their personality. Sara is also able to apply bald caps, wigs and hairpieces and to cover eyebrows with different techniques.
In television images are clearer and less three-dimensional; therefore it is necessary to recreate the 3D effect with make-up and in particular with a special focus on the relationship between lights and shadows. Television make-up is based on the image on the monitor and to obtain a perfect result, the make-up artist is called to cooperate with the director of photography.
In the film industry instead, the quality of the video is better thanks to the film camera that is able to film in a realistic way; however it shows all the skin imperfections. For this reason film make-up must be very natural and only through the collaboration with other professionals on the set, who work on the shot image, it is possible to correct even the smallest skin imperfections. In addition to make-up, special effects are often used in this field.

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