Sara De Capitani specializes in photographic makeup. The latter requires special attention to detail. Everything must be very accurate, perfect symmetries and greater contrast between color tones. Creating a good photographic image requires teamwork between model, hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer and all the various figures on the set. Makeup is crucial to the success of the work and must also take into account the photographic technique used for the shots, the light, etc.

Fundamental are the notions of corrective makeup, which must be considered for a good make-up, but also can be upset during a fashion shoot. Fashion makeup can be done for a photo shoot, or it moves to the catwalks of fashion shows; here it is always photographed, but because it is observed from a distance, under strong lights and in motion, it is perceived less, so it has to be more charged and that precision required during the classic photo shoot is not always essential.

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