About me

Sara De Capitani was undoubtedly born with a passion for art. But what is art?

He attended the Liceo Artistico Statale Medardo Rosso in Lecco (LC), where he came into contact with the world of drawing and sculpture in general and where he began to investigate the true meaning of the term art. Along with the passion for the artistic disciplines presented by the school, a passion for make-up in all its facets, from beauty make-up to special effects, blossomed. She presented herself for her baccalaureate exam with a paper on “Body art” or “Body art,” where she wrote: “I chose to deal with the subject of body art, because it fascinates me a lot; I am attracted by the idea of being able to express, through one’s body, something very personal, extremely intimate, without needing anything else…just the body! Thanks to this very precious gift, we can reveal ourselves and our essence and thus make others share in who we are. The body is the link that binds us to the whole world; it is what is seen before anything else. An expression, a movement, an attitude communicate more than we can imagine. In addition, the body, in the performances of body artists, is often transformed through ever-innovative modification techniques that help people tell their stories about themselves in an increasingly subjective and complete way.” She obtained her high school diploma and decided to attend the training course in special make-up at the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in Milan (MI), attracted precisely by this idea of metamorphosis, of transformation of the human body, through which she could express her art, as on a drawing canvas. It is here that he begins to really perceive the meaning of the word art with greater awareness. For Sara the latter is nothing more than a form of expression that provokes emotions, to this day she considers her favorite personal art form to be make-up! At the Academy he studies several disciplines, including all techniques aimed at creating special effects (from the basic to the most complex), makeup techniques (from beauty to theatrical), cosmetology and costume history. She obtained her certificate and began to accumulate various work experiences in both make-up and special make-up, thus being able to keep her practical artistic skills alive and continue to grow with them. To strengthen her skills even more, she added studies in hairstyling techniques, enrolling in the photographic makeup course at the BCM school in Milan (MI), which includes corrective makeup, photographic makeup, artistic hairstyling, photography and drawing. Between study and work he concludes the course with the highest grade 30/30mi. Now he never stops updating himself, because he believes that in his profession, confrontation and the desire for innovation is everything, starting from solid knowledge of the basic rules to striving for experimentation whenever possible. He therefore remains available for: special effects (special make-up, film, FX), theater, photo sets, fashion and fashion shows, film and TV sets, commercials, bridal make-up, special occasion make-up and hair style.