make-up and hairstyle
Sara De Capitani is available for wedding make-up and hairstyles or for any other special occasion. As regards bridal make-up, it must be a long-lasting water resistant corrective make-up; it also needs to show the personality of the bride. Considering that on her wedding day the bride will be photographed many times, the make-up is based on the photographic make-up rules. It is also necessary to take into account the dress, the accessories and any other detail.
The previous choice of make-up is really important and it is fundamental to build a trust relationship between the bride and the make-up artist. Sara loves to hear about the bride’s fears and feelings and to suggest, according to her expertise, the best possible solution. It is possible to match the make-up with the hairstyle and in the test phase different combinations are taken into account. Together with Sara the bride makes the choice for the most beautiful day of her life.

Andrea & Angelica – Wedding Trailer – 16 Giugno 2018

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