extemporaneous and laboratory special effects and body painting
Sara De Capitani is an expert in special make-up and is able to make:
-Extemporaneous special effects (skin cuts, injuries, hematomas, ageing etc.) that are made directly on the set by using specific materials such as modelling clay, gelatine, skin tite, collodion etc.;
-Laboratory special effects; they involve a previous preparation and a process of planning, production and application of complete and partial prosthesis made of latex foam, silicone etc.;
-Bald caps;
-Dental prosthesis.
In addition, Sara is able to apply wigs and hairpieces. With various special effects techniques, the actor can literally play the role of the character: facial and physical similarity enables a better performance. It is possible to ask for body painting works with which Sara paints the body as human canvas.